Saturday, August 15, 2009

Universal Creep AI

Special basics for AI in RPG maps. Several scripts that makes groups of neutral units to act better. This scripts forse creeps to attack the strongest unit in agressive group. Anyway just download this map and try it. At first time turn off all triggers and kill all the creeps and than turn triggers on. You will sense big differences.

Download link

WC3_Dota AI Injector

This tool adds AI to Dota maps. This AI very weak and bugy so better to get oficial map with bots than use this stuff.

Download ver 1.2

Page at Hive Workshop

What To Do:
1). READ the ReadThis!!!.1st Text file !
2). Set Compatibility Option to Win98/Me (DAII.exe Properties)
3). Run The DAII.exe
4). Browse for The Map you want to Inject (eg. ... v6.49b)
5). Save The Map As... (eg. ... v6.49b AI)
6). Play The Saved/Injected Map to Test (eg. ... v6.49b AI)
7). Check "Map Info" [F9] for additional Commands such as "-tips".

Recommended Players: 1vs1 AI, 1vs2 AI, 2vs3 AI, 3vs3 AI, 3vs4 AI
Notes: 1vs2 AI can be harder than 1vs5 AI

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bloodelf Brothers v1.17 AI

Interesting arena map. Lots of gamemodes and items. But only one type of hero at all. =/
Strong AI are cheater. Bots run across the map and collect books of wisdom so fast that when when you have 50 wisdom they already have 150. But, anyway, very nice map.

This map's place:

Bloodelf Brothers v1.17 AI

Gun n Bound : Lordaeron v1.3 + AI

Step by Step gameplay. Two teams shoot each other standing on different banks of the river. Height and power of shoot sets manually.
Medium bots and good map. But it need more heroes and game modes.

Gun n Bound: Lordaeron v1.3+AI

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jumper Advanced 035 AI+

Some kind of Arena map. Demon hunters on little arena trying to hit themselves by strange range attacks. Funny map that will became boring after a couple of games. Very good AI.

Jumper Advanced 035 AI+.w3x

Vexorian Hero Arena 0.506 Beta

Good arena map. Many good heroes, lots of items, clever bots. But this is still unfinished beta. Adding more balance and additional options may be very usefull in this map.

Vexorian Hero Arena 0.506 Beta

Friday, August 15, 2008

War in Lürga Laszda 2.95 AI

Average Dota clone. New heroes, new items but gameplay totally the same. Nothing noticable except strange name and AI. AI is good. Not so good as in Dota, but anyway he can defend himsefl.

War in Lürga Laszda 2.95 AI

Fulgore's Epic Castle Siege v1.8

Big AoS. This map is good but seems like beta version. Standart skills, items, units with several self made ones. Maybe after days of hard work it could become brilliant.
Bots here are very weak. Can't oppose mighty human brains. But they make upgrades, buy items, and even can capture fort in the center. This little features can ballance a little their mediocrity.

Fulgore's Epic Castle Siege v1.8

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

EotA: Twilight 1.12

This is AoS like map. Very quality and rich. Not lots of heroes but every hero is original with new reworked skills. Also players can choose another landscape. AI don't show miracles but do everything that good AI must to do: kill creeps, buy items, do upgrades.
This map have strong comunity with its own site, forum and even wiki. So this map have lots of fans.

Site of the map:

Download ver 1.12:

Monday, July 21, 2008

3C+ORC+AI or something else

I think that everyone saw this kind of map. Chaotix gameplay, standart heroes with improved skills, tons of useless items and so on. This maps have no any balance or special features. I don't know why but it can be funny. I played several good games with my friends.

Here is a couple of such a maps:
PauPi's Map AI v1.7 (Lower image)
3C+ORC+AI-V1.84 (Upper image)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Azeroth Goldrush 1.97

High-quality map. Two teams gathering gold. First team which brought a certain amount of gold will win. Good map with many features. AI play very good (for AI).

Site of the map:

Latest Download:
Azeroth Goldrush 1.97 (Link 1)
Azeroth Goldrush 1.97 (Link 2)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hunters Deathmatch v1.04 AI

Choose hero and try to hunt and kill your enemy. You can play FreeForAll or Team mode. Large map with custom heroes, abilities and items. Very boring to play with bots. (They play well, but...) Even I think that everyone should play this map with real opponents.

Hunters Deathmatch v1.04 AI